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Because if you're going to make a Faustian bargain, you should probably know what you're getting.

Content Marketing

The cynical answer here is that content is the honey that attracts the flies. You need a machete to cut through the digital jungle and get your operation found on Google, Facebook, and possibly Bing. OK, probably not Bing. Content is the sharp pointy thing in your Indiana Jones-like paw. Whole brands are built on content. Dollar Shave Club sources razors anyone could buy in bulk, wraps them in clever ads and content and rakes in $200 million a year. That's just one example. This stuff works.


But, despite all evidence to the contrary here, we’re not cynics. 

The reason we like gambling and drinking and performing and eating with a gusto that would put Mr. Creosote to shame is because those are real, honest experiences. No bullshit. No pretense.


That’s something we get, we deeply believe in, and we want to help put more of into the world. There are plenty of airy assholes bullshitting their way through the planet. We’ve been on Twitter. We don’t need more of that. We need more of you.


We're telling your story, so you can meaningfully connect to your customers. 

Creative Strategy

The story starts with you. What you’re all about. If you’re a Satan-loving black metal band, we might not jet off with you to Norway for your next church burning, but we’re not going to bulid a campaign around your Christmas party, either.


Wages of Sin will take an honest accounting of your current content, ask some direct questions about where you are and where you want to go, and help you form a plan to get there with content aimed at your actual customers first, and playing nice with the mysterious and all-powerful algorithm second.

Contet Marktng
Creative Strategy


Whether you’re finally getting off AngelFire and require a raft of new website copy or you need something pithy on the side of your craft beer can, give them something to remember.


Something that sounds and feels like you. Like this beer can we did for a collaboration between Big Dog's Brewing and Motley Brews in the thick of the pandemic.

Social Media

We promise not to make you do any TikTok dance videos. We promise to stop you from making TikTok dance videos even if you want to.

Social Media


A little science to go with the art. You need people to be able to find your stuff, pure and simple.


We’ll deliver all copy keyworded within an inch of its life so your future customers, fans and clients can find all your rad offerings. We optimize it, so you don’t have to learn about conversion rates, page schema and backlink health.

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