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A warm Vegas fall and a cold Vegas beer. Or eight. 


Downtown Brew Fest is a celebration of all things craft brew and a celebration of the local Las Vegas community. When founder Brian Chapin started Motley Brews and its family of festivals — Downtown Brew Fest, Great Vegas Festival of Beer, and Hopped Taco — he did it because there wasn’t much in the way of off-Strip celebrations to unite locals.


More than 10 years later, Motley’s festivals are a staple of the Vegas scene. And when it came time to establish a playful, insouciant and enthusiastic tone uniting all the fests, they turned to us. We oversee all organic social, email campaigns and brand voice for paid advertising for the Motley family. Brian could have paid us in beer, but don’t tell him that. 


You want some sloth in your life? What better way to do it than to with a cold one, a fun crowd, and no responsibilities on the horizon other than to drink your way through every beer stand in sight.



Anakin + Padme + beer = a reach of more than 16,000.

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