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The best pizza in the country comes out of Domenico DeMarco’s kitchen at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, and the best pizza in Las Vegas comes out of DeMarco’s namesake venue Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria & Bar.


Dom’s clientele skewed older and dedicated, and the first order of business was to rewrite all of the restaurant’s email marketing and social media to engage a younger audience. We got people into the restaurant in Halloween costume, led social-driven discounts through our “Friday Night Pizza Fight” promo on Facebook, and started a weekly “Pizzspirational Quote” on Instagram to help build a point of view that went beyond “Come on down to Happy Hour and eat cheaper pizza.” Not, mind you, that we weren’t already way into happy hour and cheaper pizza.


If there’s a better way to indulge your gluttony than with pizza, we don’t want to know what it is. Unless it’s pizza and then more pizza.


These onions caramelizing in the Dom's kitchen are still one of the restaurant's most popular videos on Instagram.

"We wouldn't have started bringing in a younger clientele without Jason's work on social helping to connect with that audience." 
— Jared Harmon, general manager Dom DeMarco's
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