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Who's running this circus, anyway?


Fair question.

Hi. I’m Jason. I’m a content guy. I used to be a journalist, but a decade ago some MBA decided "writing" is just "content" now, so here we are.


I’ve written for funky pubs and major players alike, from Premier Boxing Champions and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to Vegas Seven magazine and Las Vegas Weekly. Most recently I was the managing editor of UNLV Magazine where twice a year I distilled down six months’ worth of university news into one, breezy 60-page publication.

I've written extensively about pro sports, Las Vegas nightlife and entertainment, sports betting, poker, horse racing, eSports, arts, entertainment and, tragically, Paris Hilton. We all die with regrets.


With more than two decades of experience, I'm well-versed in crafting compelling copy, pithy headlines and pulling together all the threads that make a story hang together. 


Here's the one thing I've learned: If you can sit down across from another human being and with genuine curiosity try to find out what makes them tick, you can tell a story that comes from a place of no-bullshit honesty. And if what makes that person tick is hot dice, loud music and a stiff drink, you're onto something pretty bitchin'.

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